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Meditative Drawing 101: Relax Your Mind, Focus Better, and Easily Create Mindful Art

Silvia Bastos 8 Comments

After years of drawing and meditating regularly and seeing incredible benefits from both practices, I discovered that I could make them even more powerful by bringing them together into a single powerful practice: meditative drawing. Table of Contents What is meditative drawing?Meditative Drawing for Anxiety: Does It Really Work?Art Meets Mindfulness: What Is Mindful Drawing?Meditative Drawing for Mindfulness: The BasicsHow …

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals No Matter What (and Finally Achieve Them)

Michal Korzonek 6 Comments

Support Journal Smarter by buying a pdf version of this article (including the layout of the weekly spread). In theory, achieving goals is quite a simple process: Set a goal and identify action(s) to take. Take identified action(s) and achieve the goal. However, when it comes to practice, it’s obviously more complicated. Allow me to illustrate: imagine that you want …

Why Asking Deep Questions In The Evening Might Hold the Key To Your Problems

Silvia Bastos 18 Comments

Being a human being, you probably occasionally face problems in your life that don’t seem to have a solution. Like feeling anxious for no reason. Or feeling unhappy in your job, or in a relationship that you don’t know how to fix. Or perhaps it’s just pure uncertainty about the future—not knowing your next steps, lacking motivation and creativity, and …

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Journal Writing for Intelligent People: The Ultimate Guide

Michal Korzonek 4 Comments

There are thousands of different ways to journal, but if you want this practice to radically improve your life, you need to do it in a way that is right for you. That’s what I call intelligent journal writing: when you adapt your practice to meet your unique needs and personality, journaling becomes effective, intuitive, and effortless. So how does …

40 Deep Questions To Get To Know Yourself and Your Life Purpose

Michal Korzonek 4 Comments

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”  – Tony Robbins The quality of your life is directly connected to the questions you are willing to ask.  Better questions lead to better answers. Better answers lead to better actions. Better actions lead to better outcomes. The thing is: We …

How Gratitude Works, and How to Master It With a Gratitude Journal

Silvia Bastos 4 Comments

“Life’s not only black and white”, they say. But just for a moment, let’s imagine it is. Imagine that dark are all the things that cause you unpleasant emotions such as sadness, anger, frustration, fear, and pain. This usually includes things like conflict in relationships, financial instability, or even lacking purpose in life. White are the things that make you …

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41 Powerful Journaling Exercises for Mind Expansion and Effective Behavior Change

Michal Korzonek 16 Comments

Based on the work of some of the greatest world-class experts on productivity, complexity thinking, health and wellbeing, among others.  Do you feel stuck inside your own head? Do you crave change, but don’t know where to start? What you need is a paradigm shift. This article provides you with a list of journaling exercises based on tested tools by …

How To Break Bad Habits – The Ultimate Guide

Silvia Bastos 12 Comments

Some people say that you can’t break bad habits without changing your environment. Others say that the key is motivation and willpower. Others swear that “replacing the bad habit with a good one” is the magic spell that will end all evil. You’ve probably tried it all. And it worked… to a certain extent. But no matter what tips and …