Information Fasting Online Retreat

4-day Program
5th to 8th of June 2020

(Registrations are currently closed. If you’d like to participate in the Information Fasting Online retreat, subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about future events.)

We’re experiencing unprecedented levels of information overload.

The average person is bombarded with 34 gigabytes of information every single day.

That’s the equivalent of 3.5 million emails.

Isn’t that insane?

No wonder we feel overwhelmed: we confuse information with knowledge, we overfeed our exhausted minds, and we damage our ability to focus and think deeply by constantly moving from tweet to tweet, podcast to podcast, video to video, article to article.

Imagine if we consumed food the same way we consume information.

Imagine that instead of choosing the healthiest ingredients and eating with moderation, we spent the whole day stuffing ourselves with as much food as possible, mindlessly devouring whatever is placed in front of us without the slightest consideration for its nutritional value.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly how most of us go about our information intake. Sure, we can try to manage it by taking better notes, or using more efficient software to better make sense of it all. That sure helps… but perhaps, it’s only treating the symptoms of a deeper problem.

Perhaps, in order to reboot our system, we need to give our intellectual digestion a break.

So… what about an information fast?

Join us for 4 days of Information Fasting.


Fasting has been proven to have amazing benefits on the body: temporarily suspending food intake can help improve digestion, increase longevity, and boost our energy levels.

Maybe, in order to reset our relationship with information, we can apply a similar approach: we can create a moment of quiet to rediscover who we are without all the noise, and reset our ability to receive and send signal that actually matters.

This is why we’re inviting you to join us for our online Information Fasting Online Retreat.

This online retreat will last for a total of 4 days. For 2 out of those 4 days we will go on an “information fast” together, which means removing input sources such as social media, reading, watching the news, etc.

This is for you if:


Connect with us from the comfort of your home.

Every evening for 4 days we’ll invite you to join us and other participants for a 90-min group call to reflect, share, and support each other during our shared journey of information fasting.

You’ll set your own fasting rules (eg. no internet, no email, no books, etc.) and design your plan (eg. meditation, forest bathing, authentic relating, yoga, journaling, etc.) to fit your own needs and circumstances. We’ll be there to provide guidance through the process and hold space during our sharing circles.


Friday: Introductions & Planning
Intro to the concept, connect with other participants, set your intentions, and plan your own retreat.

Saturday: Sharing Circle
Day 1 of information fasting, reflect, share, and connect.

Sunday: Sharing Circle
Day 2 of information fasting, reflect, share, and connect.

Monday: Reflection & Moving On
Reflect and integrate your experience. Closure and next steps.



5th to 8th June 2020

Berlin (CEST) 7 PM to 8h30 PM
London (BST) 6 PM to 7h30 PM
New York (EDT) 1 PM to 2h30 PM
Los Angeles (PDT) 10 AM to 11h30 AM


As this is our first Information Fasting Retreat, we’re offering it at a reduced price—we’re all learning together. Please choose the ticket price according to your circumstances.

Low Income $50
Living Wage $70
Higher Income $90

You can edit the price manually at checkout. We have limited availability, so first come first served!

(Registrations are currently closed. If you’d like to participate in the Information Fasting Online retreat, subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about future events.)

We’re looking forward to connecting with you and we wish you a wonderful day ☀️

Silvia and Michal

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