Find the Perfect Keystone Habit for You

The right keystone habit unlocks everything you want to achieve. Find out what’s yours!


You will learn:

  • What is a keystone habit and how it can change your whole life (page 1)
  • 3-step exercise to find your perfect keystone habit (page 2)
  • 5 different categories of keystone habits for different people (page 3)
  • 10 of the most impactful keystone habits you can choose (page 3)

Eunice Barros“Due to my demanding desk job, I never had time to exercise, had crippling migraines, and my blood test results were scary. After working with Silvia and Michal my migraines were gone, my blood tests dramatically improved, and now I love walking so much that I do it every day. I feel so powerful that I started working on other goals, such as yoga for my hips, and optimizing my productivity at work”.

– Eunice Barros, Judge

Camilla Ginty“I have completely stopped smoking, drinking and taking recreational drugs. In turn this has drastically improved my meditation practice and spiritual life. It helped me to become vegan; I have started to do more exercise and eat healthier, started to match my behaviour with my values with regards to compassion, and no longer use TV as a way to numb my emotions. I have much healthier sleeping habits. One by one, I have been able to improve every area of my life!”

– Camilla Ginty, Client Support Advisor

Caroline PurkhardtMichal and Silvia (…) understand what gets in my way, without making it wrong. For example, I am very distractable and always have too many things to do (than I can possibly get done) — which makes holding space for creating the next level virtually impossible. Well — Silvia and Michal have helped me achieve the impossible! They create the space, provide the structure and hold the focus so that things actually happen. They know which step comes next. And they are ‘super good’ at celebrating successes, which, quite frankly, makes all the difference.

– Caroline Purkhardt, PhD, Author, Coach, Reiki and T’ai Chi Master

Kelly SeibertI had more concrete progress during the short time I worked with Michal and Silvia than I was able to create by myself over years of allowing thoughts and ideas to swirl in the back of my mind. They left me feeling really excited to have gotten my butt kicked into gear and empowered to turn my ideas into reality!”

— Kelly Seibert; Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker, Coach

Shemona SinghI started sleeping earlier consistently, finished an online course in the javascript framework I am learning, and feeling overall more energized.”

– Shemona Singh, Design Technologist

Pascal Kolbe“Michal & Silvia are inspiring not just for their own lifestyle changes and their ability to live true to their desires, but also for their ability to transmit this knowledge in a way that is engaging and clear.”

— Pascal Kolbe; Co-Founder of Ikigai Lab

3-Step Journaling for Anxiety

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