Minimalist Journaling System

The Complete Online Course

Learn how to master your habits, build powerful routines, and take control of your life with nothing but your journal

Imagine being the happiest, healthiest, most productive version of yourself you’ve ever been.

No more procrastination, annoying back pains, self-disappointment, migraines, exhaustion, or crippling anxiety. 

Instead, imagine having an enviably healthy and fit body, a clear and sharp mind, plenty of free time, deep and honest relationships—all of that while doing meaningful work you love and keeping your savings account well stocked.

Imagine having the power to build any habit you want (exercising, meditating, eating healthy, writing every day, saving money every month) or quit any habit that harms you (cigarettes, refined sugars, caffeine, excess screen time).

The Journaling Method That Can Change Your Life

Here’s the good news:

Not only are all of those things possible—they’re actually much easier than you think.

The Minimalist Journaling System is a 30-second proven journaling method to build any habit and effectively design the lifestyle of your dreams in a fun and effortless way.

In this course, you will learn: 

♦ How to set your ideal goals (What can you actually achieve? What is right for you right now?);

♦ How to design from scratch and customize your own MJS and progress towards those goals;

♦ How to choose the right habits for you, track them, and stick with them;

♦ How to combine different goals and habits and scale it up to build your ideal lifestyle;

Science-backed techniques to eliminate procrastination, take action, and increase motivation;

Where to start, no matter where you are right now.

All you need for this course is a pen and a notebook, and we will teach you how to fully customize this system to build unbeatable consistency, end procrastination, and take your well-being and personal development to the next level.

If you already keep a journal, this method will revolutionize your practice by adding coherence and a deeper meaning. If you’re new to journaling but eager to start, then this is the perfect place to begin.

Don't just take it from us...

“I have completely stopped smoking, drinking and taking recreational drugs. In turn this has drastically improved my meditation practice and spiritual life. It helped me to become vegan, which is something I had my sights on for a while. I have started to do more exercise and eat healthier, start to match my behavior with my values with regards to compassion, and no longer use TV as a way to numb my emotions. I have much healthier sleeping habits. One by one, I have been able to improve every area of my life! Except sugar intake - that's my next nemesis ;)”
Camilla Ginty
Client Support
“Due to my demanding desk job, I never had time to exercise, had crippling migraines, and my blood test results were scary. I was terrified, but felt paralyzed. Silvia and Michal helped me find clarity and follow through with my first habit: walking three times a week. It worked because they made it stupidly easy by setting times, preventing obstacles, and creating accountability. A month later, my migraines were gone, my blood tests dramatically improved, and now I love walking so much that I increased the frequency. I feel so powerful that I started working on other goals, such as yoga for my hips, and working more effectively.”
Eunice Barros

Why is this different from other productivity courses or journaling techniques?

Because it’s ridiculously easy.
Most books and online courses out there take a lot of time and effort. We know how busy you are, so we extracted only the very best knowledge from years of coaching and self-experiments and combined it into one simple, no-brainer method that shows you how to go from zero to hero, baby-step by baby-step. Boom. 

Because it’s made for you.
Think about the MJS as a fully customizable dashboard created by you, for your journal, to design your ideal lifestyle. The command center to all your habit trackers, future logs, spreads and notes and tables. You make the rules.

Because it’s beautiful.
If you’re one of those people with zero artistic skills, get ready to be amazed at your ability to create something so visually appealing. The MJS is also fully compatible with the Bullet Journaling method. In fact, it has been proven to help people stick with a daily journaling habit when they’ve been failing for years!

Because you can do it in your own time—oh, and you can’t possibly fail.
There is no time limit. The lessons and resources will always be there. Step by step, you’ll see a snowball effect in the consistency and motivation that lead to success. And as long as you follow the steps, habit building and lifestyle change are guaranteed.

Who is this course for?

Busy professionals with little time (and energy!) to dedicate to themselves;

Chronic procrastinators who just need that extra push to make things happen;

Seasoned bullet journalists and journaling newbies alike;

♦ Anyone who’s passionate about self-development and wants to level up their lifestyle, health, and happiness;

Teachers, educators and coaches who want to help their students/clients increase their productivity, well-being, and learning abilities.

Here's what to do next:

All you have to do right now is click the button below, which will take you to a secure payment form. After the payment is processed, your spot will be secured. After that, all you need to do is wait and we will send you your login instructions!

Btw, you will get unlimited access to the course for as long as you like.

Still not convinced?

Here are some more testimonials from people who have used this method before:

“I started completing objectives I wasn’t able to complete because I had nothing making me feeling bad for not doing it. I actually saw it as the responsible guy in myself, the part of me that actually wanted to make me accomplish things and I didn’t want to disappoint myself.”
—Daniel Bastos, Programmer

“Started sleeping earlier consistently, finished an online course in the javascript framework I am learning, and feeling overall more energized.”
—Shemona Singh, Design Technologist​

I appreciate things more. I had to really work on being grateful about the things (mostly people) that I have in my life currently and the MJS has helped me be more grateful.”
—Urbano Baz, Full Stack Web Developer

It's your turn to make a choice.

You have two options:

1) Wake up tomorrow feeling exactly the same way you feel today, with the same problems, the same dreams, the same routine, or

2) Wake up tomorrow knowing that you took the most important step towards changing your life, and that we will be there to help you stay on track when motivation fails.  

It’s your choice. If this is not for you, that’s also fine. 

In any case, we’re here for you, wishing you all the best in your journey!

3-Step Journaling for Anxiety

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