A journaling course to organize your life, learn how to prioritize, and eradicate procrastination.

Would you like to make better plans and achieve goals that really matter without letting procrastination get in your way?

Here is the good news: that’s totally possible.

Yes, even if right now you…

…get overwhelmed with way “too many priorities”.
Start a meditation habit. Lose those extra pounds. Organize your digital space. Finally write that book. You have so many ideas and goals that it’s hard to even know where to get started — especially when life keeps throwing obstacles in your way.

…struggle with staying organized, meeting deadlines, and managing your time.
You’ve tried different planners, time management apps, productivity tips and tricks, but nothing seems to work and somehow things are always falling through the cracks.

…feel guilty when you take time off or do something fun.
Whenever you’re at work, you feel like having a break. But when you actually take a break to have a drink or hang out with friends, you can’t silence that inner voice telling you that you should be doing work instead.

…get lost in front of your screen a lot.
Whether it’s scrolling through social media, binge watching interesting videos, or letting the news of the world ruin your mood first thing in the morning, the pull of the screen is too strong even when you know you should stop and do something productive.

…get lost in front of your screen a lot.
Whether it’s scrolling through social media, binge watching interesting videos, or letting the news of the world ruin your mood first thing in the morning, the pull of the screen is too strong even when you know you should stop and do something productive.

Imagine what it would feel like to…

Be productive and focused for hours on end without getting distracted.

Stick with healthy habits for longer than a few days.

Start each day feeling motivated, excited and energized.

Be organized and have a powerful daily routine that you love.

Have clearly defined priorities and a sense of purpose in what you do.

End each day feeling fulfilled and proud of finishing everything in your to-do list.

Start projects and see them through to the end.

Set goals for yourself and consistently achieve them.

Stop postponing, forgetting, or leaving things for the last minute.

Beating procrastination is possible…

…but you need to take action.

Procrastination-Free is a 90-day program that walks you through all the necessary steps towards eliminating procrastination from your life.

How is this different from other programs, courses, and journaling tools out there?

One of the most powerful features of Procrastination-Free is that it’s designed to guide you gradually and gently from procrastination to productivity so that you will see progress from the very beginning and gain momentum faster than ever before.

It will all begin with you taking as little as 30 seconds a day to fill in a tiny square in your Minimalist Journaling System:

From there, you will start adding goal by goal, habit by habit, day by day.  You will learn how to prioritize goals, and tackle all your ambitious projects by starting one step at a time. Then, you will learn some powerful exercises based on proven methodologies from behavioral science to help you address the deep psychological roots of your procrastination habits:

Think about Procrastination-Free not like a course, but more like a fun, challenging adventure game. You start by assembling all your tools and preparing the ground, and then you set yourself on a 90-day journey. There will be obstacles, rewards, and lots of bonuses on the way. The goal: complete control over your procrastination.

All you need to enroll is a pen and a notebook, and the decision to give yourself a chance.

You have 90 days to prove to yourself that you can transform your life.

Are you willing to take the step?

In this course you will learn…

…how to set effective, realistic, meaningful goals (and actually achieve them!)

…a powerful system to help you make sense of all the complexity in your life.

…how to define clear priorities and align your actions with your purpose and mission.

…how to build and stick with productive habits and routines for weeks and months on end.

…proven ways to “trick yourself” into taking action when the pull of procrastination is too strong.

…how to turn your journal into your personal coach and stay procrastination free and productive for years to come.

…how to plan, organize, and review each week to set yourself up for success.

…reflective exercises to learn what’s holding you back and how you can push through it.

…how to activate your motivation again and again (no matter how many times you fail).

Does it actually work? Here’s what people are saying about us:

“I am no newbie to online self-development courses, but this one definitely stood out! I loved the gradual pacing, the bite-sized implementation steps, how thorough it goes as well into looking at the deep roots of procrastination and how it all builds up step by step. There are plenty of new tidbits I learnt and plan to implement/test out and play with for time to come.”
Barbara Sianesi, PhD
University College London
“I started completing objectives I wasn't able to complete before because I had nothing making me feeling bad for not doing it. I actually saw it as the responsible guy in myself, the part of me that actually wanted to make me accomplish things and I didn't want to disappoint myself.”
Daniel Bastos
Software Engineer at Caixa Mágica Software
“Due to my demanding desk job, I never had time to exercise, had crippling migraines, and my blood test results were scary. I was terrified, but felt paralyzed. Silvia and Michal helped me find clarity and follow through with my first habit: walking three times a week. It worked because they made it stupidly easy by setting times, preventing obstacles, and creating accountability. A month later, my migraines were gone, my blood tests dramatically improved, and now I love walking so much that I increased the frequency. I feel so powerful that I started working on other goals, such as yoga for my hips, and optimizing my productivity at work”.
Eunice Barros

“I have completely stopped smoking, drinking and taking recreational drugs. In turn this has drastically improved my meditation practice and spiritual life. It helped me to become vegan, which is something I had my sights on for a while. I have started to do more exercise and eat healthier, started to match my behavior with my values with regards to compassion, and no longer use TV as a way to numb my emotions. I have much healthier sleeping habits. One by one, I have been able to improve every area of my life! Except sugar intake - that's my next nemesis ;)”

Cam Ginty
Client Support Advisor at Vegware

What’s included in the course?

List of modules:

Module 1
Setting the Ground: Preparing Your Tools
shows you the materials you’ll need and teaches you how to prepare for making the best out of this course.

Module 2
Start Gently: Developing Basic Awareness With the Minimalist Journaling System
teaches you how to set up the cornerstone system that will support your whole journey by providing you with self-accountability, consistency, and self-awareness.

Module 3
Know Your Direction: Unloading Your Mind and Setting Your First Goal
teaches you how to find relief from all the mental pressure from procrastination, and how to set effective, clear, meaningful goals that you can actually achieve.

Module 4
Take Action: Making Goals Actionable and Making Habits Beautiful
shows you how to break down your goals into small, fail-proof daily steps, and teaches you a visual way to stay motivated and track your progress.

Module 5
Review and Improve: Weekly Experiments, Time Boxing, and Progressing Faster
teaches you how to scale up your progress, find more time, remove distractions, and organize your calendar with weekly reviews and a powerful mindset shift that will get you back on track no matter how many times you fail.

Module 6
Dig Out Procrastination’s Roots: Working With Triggers and Changing Your Mindset
teaches you how to go beyond planning and reprogram your mind, emotions, thoughts and behaviors, as well as design your environment to eliminate the deepest roots of procrastination.

Module 7
Fine Tune and Sharpen the Saw: Antidotes for Obstacles and Powerful Tips and Tricks
shows you common procrastination pitfalls and teaches you the most effective methods and exercises to overcome them.

Module 8
Take It Further: Finding Purpose, Planning Your Life, and Eliminating Procrastination Forever
teaches you how to apply the methods in this course to your whole life; how to achieve more goals, build healthy habits, live according to your values and mission, and keep procrastination away for years to come.

BONUS: you’ll also get access to our extensive Resource Library
We have compiled the best research and expert advice out there on how to beat procrastination and make meaningful life changes—and you can access it whenever you want.

Who we are and why we created this course

Hi, we are Silvia and Michal. We are writers, coaches, founders of the blog JournalSmarter and the creators of Procrastination-Free.

Why did we create this course?

To be honest, it all started from our need to overcome our own procrastination habits.

Michal tried for years to build habits such as exercising and eating healthy, but he always ended up quitting after a few days.

Silvia used to think that as a creative person she didn’t need structure, routines and goals; but when her life started becoming a procrastinatory mess she realized that something had to change.

We both tried countless productivity tools and read hundreds of books and articles on how to stop procrastinating, but never got any results.

Finally, tired of the same old techniques, we decided we had to come up with something new, so we combined the best of what we had found and created a brand new system.

We grabbed our journals and started prioritizing, planning and tracking… 

…and very soon we noticed the behaviors and mindset that were holding us back, and we re-discovered the things that really mattered in our lives.

We started gently and steadily with one tiny habit at a time, and gradually gained the confidence and consistency that we had lacked for years. We finally got a hold of all our tasks and dreams and unfinished projects, organized them, and started taking them on one day at a time.

We started a blog not really knowing what we were doing, but by putting in the time everyday, writing online became our full-time job. After years of not even considering our health, we started exercising and meditating daily, and adopted healthy plant-based diets that we still keep and love today.

Are we insane workaholics? Not at all. We work four to five hours for five days a week, but in each of those hours we get more done than most people get in eight. Therefore, we have enough time for cooking healthy meals, learning, and spending time with each other and our friends, and enough flexibility to travel the world and develop fulfilling side-projects.

But most important of all, we work on something we love (and make a living out of it) every day, simply because we organize each day and week, maintain healthy morning routines, and use our journals to help us focus and stay on track.

If it’s so easy to beat procrastination, why don’t more people do it?

If you want to effectively fight procrastination, you need the right tools, and you need to stick with them for long enough to see results.

Most people will get lost in trying ineffective method after ineffective method, and then get discouraged and never stick with one thing for longer than a couple of weeks.

This doesn’t work.

Don’t get me wrong: this course won’t magically take your procrastination away. We will ask you to put in the work. You are making a major change in your life and behavior, so it takes time and patience to get there.

All we ask of you is to gift yourself 90 days of commitment, focus, and dedication to try out a tool that’s been proven to work. You deserve that chance.

Procrastination-Free is for you if you…

…have a drive to accomplish great things but you need an extra push.
You consider yourself more productive than the average person, but you tend to procrastinate due to overwhelm, overcommitment, or occasional frustration and laziness. 

…are ready to make a change.
Despite your struggle with procrastination, you’re ready to take action as soon as you find a strategy that can bring you the clarity and the results you need.

Procrastination-Free is NOT for you if you…

…are not ready to commit.
If you want to see changes, you need to put in the work over the next 90 days. We won’t ask for more than 2 hours a week of your time (sometimes even less), but what really matters is your commitment, your intention, and your determination. If you’re expecting to just enroll in the course and then sit and wait for a miracle to happen, then this is not for you.

…are afraid of making changes.
Again: if you put in the effort, this course will change your life—perhaps even dramatically. But for that to happen, you also need to change the way you think and approach problems. If you’re not ready to let go of old patterns and keep an open mind, this is also not for you.

How much does this cost?

Procrastination-Free costs $97.

If you do the maths, that’s roughly as much as the price of a coffee a day for 30 days. If you think your well-being, motivation and productivity are worth that much, then we’d love to have you on board.

The techniques in this course have helped dozens of people eradicate procrastination and live happier, more productive lives. However, if you’re not happy with our course, simply let us know within 30 days from the course launch and we’ll refund 100% of the money.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access the course?

You will get full access to the course within up to two days after you enroll — just enough time so we can securely process your payment and set up our digital classroom for you.

Hello, I’m a procrastinator—what if it takes me longer than 90 days to complete the course?

You will have lifetime access to all the lessons, exercises, and printables. The course is designed specifically for people who procrastinate, but we know that even then sometimes things take longer than expected. That’s okay, and you can start over again any time you want. Some people love the course so much that they like to come back to it every once in a while—you’re welcome to do that too!

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course during those 90 days?

Roughly 5 to 10 minutes a day and then an extra 1 to 2 hours once a week. You can’t achieve deep behavior changes and life transformation with less than that.

I’ve tried other solutions in the past. I got excited in the first few days, but then was discouraged by their complexity and my procrastination got the best of me again. How is this different?

This course is not just meant to change your life—it’s meant for you to have fun in the process. We’re not saying it’s easy—you need to put in the work—but it’s dead simple. It’s designed to make you take action right away and stay motivated throughout the whole journey.

Could I just figure this stuff out for myself for free?

Absolutely. That’s what we did. But it took us years of experiments to gather the information that we put together in this course. It’s probably all out there on the web, but it might take you hours upon hours of research, which in turn might lead to rabbit holes, frustration, and more useless stuff than good advice. We already made that selection for you.

3-Step Journaling for Anxiety

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