Choose Your Path to Bulletproof Consistency With Habits That Matter

Habit Sprint

1. Choose the most important habit you could build right now.
2. Make it a part of your life in two months.


Join our next habit sprint and you will:

  • Build bulletproof consistency starting with small steps which you can implement immediately
  • Get private daily support from a certified habit coach to make sure you never get stuck
  • Be part of a dedicated habit building cohort and harness the power of relational growth

The next cohort starts later this year.

Minimalist Weekly Review

A Delightfully Simple Method to Reflect, Review, and Plan Your Life in 15 Minutes a Week


This 3-step Minimalist Weekly Review will help you:

  • Capture and process your key insights on one single page
  • Reconnect with yourself and what is important to you every week
  • See the exact steps you need to take to achieve your goals

Minimalist Weekly Review Cover

Minimalist Journaling System

If you took what you did today and repeated it every day for the rest of your life, who would you become 20 years from now?

Discover how the Minimalist Journaling System can help you:

  • Consistently stay on top of all your tasks, habits and goals in less than 5 minutes a day
  • Navigate the ups and downs of life with equanimity and joy
  • Make space for what’s important no matter how busy your life gets

The next cohort starts later this year.

Minimalist Journaling System Course Cover

Journaling Coaching with Michal

Get back in touch with stillness and creativity by journaling on paper.


With Michal as your coach you will:

  • Find the right journaling practice
  • Make it a habit
  • Create focused space for your creative energy to flourish.

Year of Practice cover

Writing Coaching with Silvia

Establish a strong, consistent daily writing practice


With Silvia as your coach you will:

  • Develop a consistent writing habit
  • Overcome perfectionism and finish your projects
  • Improve your writing skills and voice.

Year of Practice cover

What people say about our programs:


Barbara SianesiI am no newbie to online self-development courses, but this one definitely stood out! I loved the gradual pacing, the bite-sized implementation steps, how thorough it goes as well into looking at the deep roots of procrastination and how it all builds up step by step. The live calls were incredible! So useful and fun, I found myself looking forward to them 🙂 There are plenty of new tidbits I learnt and plan to implement/test out and play with for time to come. Many thanks Silvia and Michal!”

– Barbara Sianesi, PhD; University College of London

Merle Pohl“The whole course was astonishing (I’d rate it a 10 out of 10). The lessons were so well thought out and the group calls were incredibly helpful.Silvia and Michal are amazing coaches who deeply care about their students. The lessons were concise, providing just the right amount of actionable advice and explanation, helping me understand and address the issues holding me back. The most helpful aspect was the group calls, as I could ask all my questions and share both my progress and the struggles I’ve been facing. After every call, I had a lot of new suggestions and methods to try out, and felt energised to put them into practise. Thank you so much for this course and your coaching!”

– Merle Pohl, European New School of Digital Studies

Manel Heredero“Look, I’ll be honest. I am one of those messy guys – not extremely healthy, not super sporty, and I always feel I could be better. By chance I came across Silvia and Michal and their methodology for using journaling as a tool to do incremental improvements in those habits I wanted to improve (starting by eliminating refined sugar from my diet). I was deeply impressed about it, about how clear it is and how it allows you to combine those small gains every day to carry on and stay motivated.

– Manel Heredero; OuiShare

Kelly SeibertI had more concrete progress during the short time I worked with Michal and Silvia than I was able to create by myself over years of allowing thoughts and ideas to swirl in the back of my mind. They left me feeling really excited to have gotten my butt kicked into gear and empowered to turn my ideas into reality!”

— Kelly Seibert; Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker, Coach

Cathy Hutchison“The structure of the calls is highly effective. The facilitation brilliantly mixes different ways to participate so that whether you are creative or logical, extroverted or introverted, quick to react or slower to process, there is space for you. I find these calls so valuable that I have adapted the format to use with the group that I am mentoring.

– Cathy Hutchison; Founder at Your Visual Journal

Alexis Siegel“I’m feeling encouraged by this process and grateful for the support – it really makes a difference. There is a benefit to the collective dynamic that far exceeds the sum of the parts. There are definitely some similarities between our experiences, but even when our struggles are different, the calls can open up ideas that turn out to be very useful.”

– Alexis Siegel; Translator

Rhonda Pearlman“I was struggling with many different pieces of my life and this program really helped. The discussions we’ve had on a bi-weekly basis and the resources offered at the end of each module sparked insights that showed me something familiar but in a completely new way.

– Rhonda Pearlman; Real Estate Agent

Beatriz Viula“Thank you so much! Having this accountability group and this platform to share both progress and step backs has been doing wonders to me and it’s only been a few days!

– Beatriz Viula, Medical Doctor

Not sure which offer is the best for you? Get in touch and we’ll help you find the best fit.

3-Step Journaling for Anxiety

PRINTABLE (with prompts & examples)