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Minimalist Journaling System

The No-Bullshit, 30-Second Habit Tracker That Will Motivate You To Stick With Any Habit.

"Journal Smarter is where I go for deep self-improvement insights. Unlike many other blogs, these guys offer detailed, empathetic advice and inspiration rooted in their own experience. This ensures you only find no-BS, highest quality content in here."
Marta Brzosko
Writer & Founder of The Self-Awareness Blog
"Look, I'll be honest. I am one of those messy guys - not extremely healthy, not super sporty, and I always feel I could be better. By chance I came across Silvia and Michal and their methodology for using journaling as a tool to do incremental improvements in those habits I wanted to improve (starting by eliminating refined sugar from my diet). I was deeply impressed about it, about how clear it is and how it allows you to combine those small gains every day to carry on and stay motivated."
Manel Heredero
Organisational Transformation Facilitator, OuiShare
“I started journaling in the 1960's and have found it valuable in many ways, more recently facilitating journal writing workshops for transformation. When I discovered Silvia and Michal's contributions, I found a gem! They provide so many different useful tools, it would be hard for anyone not to find something useful. “
Don Karp
Peer Coach, Speaker and Author
“Through JournalSmarter, Michal and Silvia taught me that journaling is not only simple and fun but also a healthy way to regularly express myself, sort my thoughts, and get in touch with myself. Their compassionate, positive, and supportive nature helped and inspired me to understand, love myself, and do my best. Knowing them is a blessing in the mid of my quarter-life crisis.”
Clara Felicia
Community Development, Selamat Pagi Indonesia

Michal and Silvia Podcast

Join Silvia and Michal, the founders of JournalSmarter, as they discuss all sorts of personal development related topics in a casual relaxed environment over their daily cup of tea or while they take long reflective walks in the forest.

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The No-Bullshit,

30-Second Habit Tracker That Will Motivate You To Stick With Any Habit

Minimalist Journaling System

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