I’d like to invite you to approach your journal like a game.

Games are fun and exciting, and allow us to access and embody alternative parts of ourselves.

The purpose varies, depending on the game and a part you want to play with. Some notable mentions include: your Higher Self, your Subconscious, and your Inner Child. There’s also space for the Crazy Scientist, Shaman, Teacher, Poet, Pirate, et cetera. The list continues ad infinitum.

You can also decide to face the Darkness (which we all have inside). The process can be vulnerable, but a) you can do it, b) it’s worth it c) paper doesn’t bite. And neither does your device, if you prefer to journal digitally 🖲.

To sum it up:

Your journal is a game that allows you to become aware, connect with, and explore any part of you.

My bold claim is that you can make journaling so exciting that you’ll continue to play.

This is getting long, so here’s a confession:

I admit that JournalSmarter and I were about to part ways.

I actually stated out loud that “I’m about to let it go in order to make space for what’s the most alive in me right now, which is catalysing communities and documenting the process.”

But, being a juggler, I spontaneously decided that I can throw the journaling ball into the air and attempt to catch it.

Will I?

I haven’t skipped journaling for close to 1500 days, so I guess it’s fair to say that I will be journaling for the forseable future anyway. I might as well document the process and share it with you, with the intention to inspire you to journal more often, because journaling is indeed a practice that can significantly contribute to the process of constantly becoming the person you wish to be.

And I wish you nothing but success on that journey.

With Love and Play,
Michał (Me-How)

Michal in green leggings and on all fours, jumping above a line made of small rocks

That’s me in that pic. My best friend asked me to create a performance together. We called it Ouroboros. and performed it to the public of locals in the town of Lajes (4342 inhabitants according {wikipedia.}). The best part was when the entire audience joined us to help remove a gigantic mountain of trash.

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