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Hi. We’re Silvia and Michal and we created JournalSmarter for smart people who want to explore and implement some of the most powerful personal development tools, frameworks, and methods.

People who have big goals and are passionate about what they do. People committed to grow and have a positive impact on others. People who want to live a beautiful life, in alignment with the values they believe in.

People like you.

The thing is:

Your time and energy are precious.

And that’s okay.

We strongly believe that the key to effective personal development is to make it both simple and fun. Simple, so you can actually implement what you learned immediately, no matter how busy you are. Fun, so you can stick with it effortlessly because you’re loving the process.

Your journal will be a tremendous asset during that process: it will be your command center, your dashboard, your compass, and your fuel tank. 

And we’re excited to tell you how.

How Journaling Can Help You Live a Beautiful Life

All of that (and more) with nothing but a simple notebook.

But there’s more:

We Are Here For You

Here comes the punch:

We are here for you and we mean it.

We reply to every email. We host online live group calls where we meet to collaborate together and help each other to reveal blind spots and become better at what we are passionate about. 

We want to see you happy, thriving, and filled with joy after yet another amazing day full of challenges you love dealing with because they make you grow.

And we’re here to help you all along the way in any way we can.

We’d be honored to have you join us.

Michal and Silvia were able to support me through taking lots of big, swirling ideas and turning them into concrete plans, goals, and action steps–while maintaining and heightening the excitement and passion I had for the work!
— Kelly Seibert; Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker, Coach

Note: If you’d like to receive one-one-one coaching support from us, drop us a message and we’d be happy to chat about it!

About Silvia and Michal

Silvia and Michal with Watermelons

Here’s the two of us with our beloved watermelons (best breakfast ever!).

So what’s with the first-person plural? Well, as you might have noticed, there are two of us: Silvia and Michal, Michal and Silvia (we alternate the order to keep it fair). Apart from being the founders of JournalSmarter, here are some other things that we’re both into:

That’s right, we’re also a couple—and one of our biggest accomplishments is to run a business together while traveling the world slowly 2Ideally spend 3-6 months in one place and loving the shit out of each other and using our relationship as a super-personal-development-booster. 

“Michal & Silvia are inspiring not just for their own lifestyle changes and their ability to live true to their desires, but also for their ability to transmit this knowledge in a way that is engaging and clear.”
Pascal Kolbe; Co-founder of Ikigai Lab


Silvia and Michal have helped me achieve the impossible! They create the space, provide the structure and hold the focus so that things actually happen. They know which step comes next. And they are ‘super good’ at celebrating successes, which, quite frankly, makes all the difference. 
— Caroline Purkhardt PhD; author, coach, Reiki and T’ai Chi master

Btw, we also have a podcast.

Paradigm Shifting Books We Keep Recommending to Friends

(In no particular order.)


We don’t exist in a vacuum and we’ve been super lucky to come across some amazing people who helped us create JournalSmarter. 

Here are a few of them:

Daniel, thanks for helping with all things tech. You’re an absolute star of a programmer.

Joe, thanks for empowering us to start coaching.

Jane, thanks for being the very first person we helped with their journaling practice.

Fran and Manel from Better Work Together, thanks for introducing us to the idea of online facilitated workshops.

Liam from Astralship, thanks for connecting us with so many amazing people.

Jon, Marsha, Felicity and the whole team from Freedom Machine (btw, that’s an affiliate link although we’d recommend it to anyone who is serious about making blogging into a source of income even if they wouldn’t have an affiliate program), thanks for giving us the crystal clear path to follow and the necessary push whenever we needed it.

Chris, thanks for your precious advice.

Pascal from Ikigai Lab, thanks for turning from a subscriber into a friend.

Uli, Beatriz, Leonie, Merle, and Barbara, thanks for showing up.

Marta, Alex, João, thanks for your friendship.

Tim, Derek, Seth, Paul, Peter, Scott, Tiago, Tim, Matt, Taylor, James, Rich, Conor and Britany, thanks for ongoing inspiration and mentoring us without even knowing.

Manuela, Eunice and Alberto thanks for your continuous and unconditional support in everything we do.

You, thanks for being here.

Everyone who we didn’t name (that would be a veeeery long list), thanks for being a part of our lives! We love you.

3-Step Journaling for Anxiety

PRINTABLE (with prompts & examples)