You’re no longer looking for occasional bursts of productivity.


You won’t settle for random glimpses of inspiration, or that strong but fleeting feeling of motivation that comes every time after you read yet another self-help book or article.


You’ve had all that before, and now you’re ready to take the next step:


Continuous, exponential, and consistent improvement of your life in all areas (meaning (not exclusively) a healthy and energetic body, a focused and effective mind, meaningful work, and enriching and vibrant relationships).

However, it’s not always easy being consistent. Sticking with healthy routines. Maintaining unflinching focus. Or setting the just right goals, which will make you glow with motivation, and make your accelerated growth so obvious that all your friends will want to ask you for advice.

The truth is, despite all the progress you’ve made (we know it wasn’t easy), sometimes you feel overwhelmed and confused. And since you know how it feels to be “on top of your game”, it is triple-annoying to fall into a downward spiral of procrastination, yet again.

So, what’s our secret, you ask?

As two people who used to feel the same, we totally get you. And to be completely honest, we didn’t discover a magic pill which made us “ultra-productive” over the course of one evening.


However, over the last few (effortful) years we went from unfulfilling 9 to 5 jobs, unfocused and procrastination-prone minds, occasional workouts and greasy chips and cheese diet (we used to live in Scotland), to a location independent entrepreneurial lifestyle, non-negotiable daily habits of meditation, exercise, studying and writing (which all happen well before noon), fuelled by a delicious and nutritious plant-based diet.

And in case you are wondering, we’re also a couple—and one of our biggest accomplishments is to run a business together while loving the shit out of each other and using our relationship as a super-personal-development-booster.

How did we do this? Behind all the changes that gradually transformed our life, there was one single habit: journaling.

And we don’t mean just keeping a diary, or playing around with pretty spreads and millions of to-do lists; we mean developing incredibly powerful journaling tools to get to the root of our thoughts, problems and dreams, and build the habits to help us get where we want.

Of course, journaling doesn’t replace action, but if you get it right, it can make each of your actions 10, 100 or even 1000 times more effective. In fact, if you make the right journaling practice into a daily habit, you can achieve anything you want.

In this blog we will share all our tools with you, so that you can get back in touch with your goals, eliminate any resistance in your way (whether it’s anxiety, procrastination, or simply falling short of your true potential) and finally build the habits that will lead you to be the happiest you have ever been in your life— whatever that might look like for you.

If you are ready to turn your journal into a super effective, intuitive and fun personal development operating system, leave your email in the box below and click “Yes”.

Ready, Freddy?

Silvia and Michal