Dream Nursery

Michal Korzonek |

Dream Nursery is a journaling game for one player, with the goal of deliberately choosing dreams to “plant” in a nursery, and then watch them grow or not through a defined time horizon.

The time horizon can be adjusted to fit the player(s) context. For example, a player can create a poster-like page for during their yearly-review to serve for the entire year. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a player might set up a braindump-like page to relieve their heads from ideas, and then choose on one (or more) for immediate execution.

The game can also be played relationally, for example using simple format: checkin / game / sharing / checkout.



  1. Decide on the time horizon for your Dream Nursery
  2. Play a quick mindful transition game (eg. meditative drawing)
  3. Plant the seeds of the dreams you would like to see grow in your defined time horizon - write/draw them down.
  4. Set a rhythm in which you’d like to nurture your dream seeds.

Note: Adapt instructions to fit your context.

Seed nursery

This was my very first attempt at building a nursery for plants to germinate. It didn’t seem very stable, but it survived a winter storm and as far as I am aware is still standing strong on it’s feet, nurturing another generation of plants 🌱.

The subscribe form is here. If you decide to use it, I'll send you an email (sometimes) and it will have a journaling game in it.