The Infinite Game of Journaling

The Infinite Game of Journaling encourages players to journal in order to co-create a beautiful world where all beings can thrive.

Journaling achieves this in three steps:

  1. Journaling is a practice of regular re-alignment
  2. Being aligned allows you to embody your values, no matter the challenge
  3. Embodying your values allows you to co-create a beautiful world.

Journaling is an infinite game - the purpose is to keep playing. To keep players engaged, the Infinite Game of Journaling combines five strategies:

  1. Playful Experimentation
  2. Rhythms
  3. Tiny Habits
  4. Kind Encouragement
  5. Relational Thinking

Players get unlimited access to modular journaling guides, which can be embarked on at any point, in any order. The guides include guided journaling sessions, games, and programs. They are suitable for paper and digital journals.

The guides are async-first. Most are delivered via email, because we all have an account and it’s easy to engage in a conversation.

The Infinite Game of Journaling includes occasional live online events, such as co-journaling sessions and workshops.

The Infinite Game of Journaling asks for a yearly commitment to filter for serious players.

To join the game pick a plan that suits your financial situation: low, regular or high income.

All plans include the same benefits and a 30-day refund policy.

Hi, I’m Michał (Me-How), and I’ll be your host on this adventure.

My highly relevant superpower is being able to turn anything into a (journaling) game. My slightly less relevant superpower is walking for hours, which is usually followed by writing heartfelt letters.

I’m looking forward to meet you.

My big dream is to live in an off-grid tiny house in the middle of an abundant food forest, and catalyse a network of regenerative projects in my bio-region and document the process. The profits from the Infinite Game of Journaling go directly towards fueling this dream. Thank you for Being!

Here’s the list of journaling guides you’ll get access to:

New guide added every Moon.

If you have a question, just ask. LINK