Joy Cards

Silvia Bastos |

The world needs more joy and love.

Or at least that’s what we think.

That’s why Silvia created the Joy Cards, which you can cut out and give away to your friends, family, co-workers, or even attractive strangers you would otherwise be too shy to talk to.

You can print the image below (note that it might take a moment to load) or download this pdf (direct link).

Joy Cards Printable


Joy Card Love Messenger

Whether you’re at a networking event, a Christmas dinner, or a night out with friends, there is nothing that attracts people more than humor, originality, and of course… compliments!

Joy Card Boo

Print and re-print your own deck as often as you like and keep it at hand if you want to bring more laughter and love to the world—and of course, always be the heart of the party.

Joy Card Love Story Voucher

It’s our mission and joy to make the world a happier place. Want to give us a hand?

Get your printable, 100% hand-drawn, cut-out pdf with 16 Joy Cards, and start spreading the love!

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